Moving Out!? Traveling + Life Updates


Hey guys,

I hope everyone is doing well. I’ve been really busy this past month, but I’m happy to pop in here and say hello. I recently took a trip with my family to the Dominican Republic. It was the vacation of a lifetime! We stayed at a beautiful resort in Punta Cana. My family and I were fortunate enough to take many breathtaking excursions. There is so much to say about our trip, but I decided to focus in on the highlights of this trip. Our first excursion was swimming with the dolphins. These dolphins are so gentle and beautiful! We played and swam aside them. One dolphin in particular loved my sister! Every time he came in contact with her he made this beautiful whistle noise. It was an experience of a lifetime!


The next day we went horseback riding. We each had our own horse and a helmet. These gorgeous horses took us along the beaches of the Dominican Republic. Hearing the waves crash along the shore created a very tranquil experience. I wish I could go back to that moment and relive how I felt. I found myself only focusing on the present. It was just me and my horse and the outdoor scenery. My mind felt free which I think is the whole point of a vacation. 


One of my favorite parts of this vacation was going on an ATV tour with my family. We took a four seater Polaris ATV. When we got into our ATV it began to rain heavily. It was pouring for awhile, but we made the best of it. It was one of those activities that was definitely out of my element. My family and I got extremely muddy to the point where we got rid of some of our clothing. A professional photographer accompanied our excursion and he took a lot of amazing shots. My parents bought a CD with all of our photos at the end! We had a lot of fun and many laughs. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity that we will always cherish. 

tempImage (1)

I’ve been blessed with a beautiful experience. I can’t even put into words how amazing this trip was. I’m so thankful my parents took Rachel and I along. Most people don’t look forward to coming home, but I did! While I was on vacation, Anthony and I had been approved for our first place. We have the keys already and I am moving in right away! Anthony and I have been together for one year now. It has been the best year of my life, he makes me so happy. I’m looking forward to this new chapter for Anthony and I. 





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