Blogmas Day 19: Unboxing My December Ipsy

Ipsy 1

Ipsy is a monthly makeup subscription. Each makeup bag is $10.00 a month. Subscribers receive five personalized samples or full size makeup products. After receiving a monthly bag, subscribers can tell Ipsy what products or brands they are enjoying. Ipsy will hand pick which items will be sent to you for the months following. I think Ipsy is a great way to explore makeup brands and discover new products.

ipsy 2

Dirty Little Secrets Eyeshadow Crayon: This is a shimmer based eye shadow crayon. This is in the shade Fetch. When I swatched this it came off as a champagne peachy tone. When I took this product off with a tissue it pulled a lighter pink color. I would not recommend this for the eye shadow crease. If you try to blend the shimmer out in the crease you won’t see anything. Ipsy notes this product is best used as a metallic undereye blended into the lower lashline. In my opinion, this product works best if packed onto the lid or used as a highlighter.

Ipsy 5

Luxie Beauty- Precision shader Onyx Brush 239: I really like this! The brush was really soft and comfortable to use. It picked up the product really well and blended the eye shadow nicely. I know a lot of people are annoyed because Ipsy sends them brushes frequently during the year. I love brushes, send them my way!

Mac In Extreme Dimension 3D Black Lash: I really didn’t want to try this product. I haven’t heard great things about this mascara. I think it’s great for adding length to the lashes. However, after a few coats I found it got clumpy. This mascara runs. That is my biggest makeup pet peeve. I looked at the mascara a few hours later to see how it was holding up and I was so upset. The mascara ran below my lower lash line and smudged into my concealer. I do not recommend this product to anyone.

Ipsy 4

Nip + Fab- Dragons Blood Fix Plumping Serum: I have extremely sensitive skin so I knew right away this wouldn’t be good for me. I wanted to give it an honest review so I went ahead and put it on my face. It burnt my face so bad. I can smell the alcohol that’s used in this product. It also contains a heavy floral scent that I can’t look over. It left rashes all over my face. Due to the excessive rashes, I can’t speak on whether or not this product aids in the appearance of plumping or fine lines.

Ipsy 3

The Chok Chok Green Tea Watery Cream by Tony Moly: I highly recommend this! I’m looking forward to ordering the full size version of this moisturizer. Living in New England, I suffer from excessive dry skin. I’ve tried too many moisturizers that just weren’t a good fit for my skin. However, I fell in love with this! It doesn’t have a watery or oily consistency. I think it was a perfect texture for a moisturizer. I’m surprised that an all natural moisturizer kept my skin hydrated!

iPSY 8

I thought the silver bag for December was cute. Overall, I thought this bag was alright for a $10 month subscription.

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