My Trip to Boston

Boston 1

Last winter my boyfriend Anthony and I started watching the Celtics together. This year, we made it our mission to visit TD Garden for a game. Anthony and I took advantage of the long Thanksgiving weekend by heading to Boston. We booked a hotel outside of Boston and took the train straight into TD Garden.

Boston 3

Due to the Celtics continuous winning streak, the tickets at TD Garden were a bit expensive. We did sit up higher at this game but the people sitting around us were so friendly and funny. The Celtics played against the Orlando Magic that night. The Celtics won again! A Boston game at TD Garden was an amazing experience. The energy level that the fans bring is widely felt! We can’t wait to go back for another game!

Boston 4

After the game we went back to our hotel and drove to one of our favorite places. We love Kings in Burlington, Ma. Every trip to Boston we try to make this part of our routine. Anthony and I have become better at bowling over time. They also have a small arcade, we play a mean game of air hockey! The food and drinks are also amazing! We always go for the nacho platter and mixed drinks! I usually get a margarita to accompany the nachos, delicious.

Boston 2

Before we went home, I swung by my favorite place! Details to come in my next blog…

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